Contact Lenses

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A special focus on fit

Our Doctors of Optometry are known for their expert services for proper contact lens fit.

Contact lenses provide a safe and effective way to correct vision when used with care and proper supervision. They can be a good alternative to eyeglasses, depending on your eyes and your lifestyle.

Worn directly on the surface of the eye, contacts help to correct refractive errors the same way eyeglasses do, by adding or subtracting focusing power to the eye’s cornea and lens. For certain conditions, these lenses may be considered medically necessary.

Contact Lens Appointments


At Jervey, we have several Doctors of Optometry on our team who specialize in contact lens prescriptions and specialty lens services.


If you’re interested in contact lenses, please let our appointment team know this when scheduling your annual exam, so they can schedule you with the correct provider. (Our surgeons and general ophthalmologists in most cases do not fit contact lenses.)


If you’re scheduling a contact lens appointment only (not a full eye exam), then you must have had an eye exam within the last six months. A contact lens fitting is separate from a routine eye exam.

Insertion & Removal (I&R) Appointment


Typically needed for patients who are new to wearing contacts or for those obtaining a new type of lens, an I&R appointment is essentially a one-on-one “class” with a lens technician. These visits may take up to an hour and the goal is for you to learn the proper technique to insert, remove, and care for your type of contacts.


Your I&R appointment may be scheduled directly after your contact lens fitting. However, depending on schedules and the availability of the contact lens you need, we may request that you return on a different day. Additional I&R appointments may be required if there’s a need for additional training, or if you change to another type of contact.

The cost of I&R appointments is included in the original Contact Lens Fitting Fee.

Learn more about insertion and removal by watching this video.

How to Order Contact Lenses

Contacts may be ordered through a Contact Lens Representative by calling (864.458.3885), or by ordering online.


Meet Our Doctors of Optometry:


William H. Ballinger, III, O.D.


Steve Andreasen, O.D.


Catherine Bowden, O.D.


W. David Coleman, O.D.


Bridget M. Whaley, O.D.

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